Registered Boats


FCC Registered boats – as at September 2023

Members can find owners and contact details on the ‘members only’ page and on the notice board in the Clubhouse

Boat Name Boat Class
Amazon Girl Hunter Duet
Aqua Vitae Pandora International
Aries Hunter Horizon 26
Artemis Hunter Horizon 232
Bantiki Signet 20
Beyond Therapy Achilles 24
Blue Ice Jaguar 25
Blue Moon Cobra 850
Boston Whaler Boston Whaler
Brill Newbridge Navigator
Calloo Moody 31 Mk II
Caramel Sutra Hunter Horizon 232
Carima Westerly Berwick
Cerberus Colvic Salty Dog
Chococat Prout Sirocco
Cordelle Westerly Centaur
Django Sadler 25
Dortema RS Feva dinghy
Fyne Thyme Westerly Konsort Duo
Gwylan Nicholson Sloop
Indefatigable Banks Macwester Malin
Jacarah Rabfreeman Seadog
Jambel Westerly Centaur
Jaspar Macwester 27
Jinny II Westerly Centaur
Joint Venture Colvic Salty Dog
Junket Newbridge Coromandel
Linnet Hurley 22
Little Blue Leisure 17
Louise Colvic Salty Dog
Lucy Hunter Horizon 26
Maverick Westerly Centaur
Midge Manta 19
Mistoffolees Hunter Horizon 26
Moon Shadow Hunter Horizon 26
Norse Mist Hunter Horizon 23
Out of the Blue Pegasus 700
Panache Pandora International
Papillon Leisure 27
Peggy Westerly Pageant
Picolo Laser Pico dinghy
Pitteral Westerly Fulmar
Pokio Pandora International
Pride of Lions Windrider 17
Renata Vivacity
Rojo Amore Hunter 27
Sacre Bleu Westerly Centaur
Salemer Moody 28
Saorsa Trident 24
Sea Urchin Hunter Horizon 232
Seakatt Westerly Pageant
Silver Girl Westerly Regatta 260
Sloopy Halmatic 850
Solitaire Hunter Horizon 26
Tao Westerly Centaur
Tenacity Eygthene 24
Tiade Apa Jeanneau Merry Fisher 655
Whimbrel Westerly Tempest
Zembra Moody 27
Zippy Hunter Horizon 23
* Dart 16 dinghy
* Laser dinghy
* Enterprise dinghy
* Topper Topaz dinghy

*no name