Membership categories and fees

The Club consists of the following Member categories and subcategories – see the Club’s Constitution for definition of each of these categories

A Single/Family Member
B Junior Member
C Community Member
D Honorary Member

For a boat owner, the following subcategories are additional to any of the above:

1 All boats (including sailing dinghies)
2 Sailing dinghies (without mooring)

Subcategories 1 or 2 are for Members who wish to keep boat(s), trailers or other equipment on Club premises.  It also includes the use of all facilities (ie workshop/store, water, electricity), storage on Club hard standing and the participation in Club sponsored events, ie racing etc.

Subcategory 1 has an additional entitlement to apply for a Club mooring and access to a crane hired for crane-in and crane-out on payment of a separate fee.

Fees relating to membership categories – September 2023 – August 2024

All Members

A – Single/Family £75
B – Junior £30
C – Community £30 – Negotiable
D – Honorary Free

Additional for Boat owners:

1 – All boats £168
2 – Sailing dinghies £40

There is a joining fee equal to 50% of the full annual fee.