FCC Handicaps – procedure and Rolling Handicaps

Request for New or Modified Handicap

To request a handicap for a new boat, or to modify an existing handicap, please complete an FYCA Handicap Application Form and return to the FCC Vice-Commodore.


Handicap adjustments

For this season I intend to continue to try to evolve the handicapping system that was introduced 2013.

Gold and Silver categories of handicaps will continue.

Gold Handicaps

The following boats have previously sailed to their FYCA handicaps: Blue Ice, Joint Venture, Moonshadow and Pokio.  They will start the 2019 season using their 2019 FYCA handicap.  Their handicaps will be adjusted throughout the season in accordance with the RYA YR2 system.

Silver Handicaps

The remainder of our boats that raced in 2018 will start the 2019 season using their 2019 FYCA handicap (or the handicap given in 2018 if no current FYCA handicap is available) plus an additional 6%.

After their first completed race in 2019 their handicaps will be moved, where applicable, by + or – 25% of the difference between their revised FCC handicap and their ‘Achieved Performance’.  Results which are outwith 10% fast and 15% slow will be ignored.

This will continue after each completed race until a stable handicap of within 5% slow and 7.5% fast has been achieved.  They will then transfer to the Gold category where their revised FCC handicap will be altered in accordance with the RYA YR2 system.

Boats with no racing past will start with their FYCA handicap plus the additional 6% and be eligible for change after their first race.  If a 2019 FYCA handicap is not available that of a similar boat will be used for a short period.

Any boat racing that does not have a current FYCA handicap will be asked to fill in an FYCA handicap application form. The handicap subsequently provided by the FYCA +6% will then be used.

During the season finishing results that are exceptionally skewed due to outside influence such as wind dropped, problems with sails or navigation will be disregarded.  These results could artificially change the handicap.

During the season all handicaps will be reviewed and if any boat in the Silver category has shown over a number of races that they are sailing well and consistently but are still nowhere in the results then I will consider making a larger increase to their handicap.

The aim of all the above is to try to encourage everyone to turn up,  have fun and hopefully do well in our races this season.

Should anyone require any further clarification on handicaps, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me. george_scrivener@hotmail.com

George Scrivener, Vice Commodore FCC