FCC Handicaps – Policy


Handicap adjustments

For this season I intend to use a rolling handicap system that is updated after each championship race, excluding stern chase races.

All yachts that have previously raced regularly at the club have been given a starting handicap which is based on their 2023 FYCA handicap number in combination with their racing results over the past few seasons.

Each race will be analysed using the RYA YR2 System, to establish a Standard Corrected Time (SCT) for that race. The elapsed time of each boat, divided by the SCT & multiplied by 1000, gives its Achieved Performance for that race.

The new rolling handicap value for each boat will be shifted a fraction of the way from its RH for that race towards its Achieved Performance. The fraction, or update coefficient is 0.15 (i.e. RH shifts 15% towards achieved performance).

Slow performances are capped at +5% for update purposes.

Fast performances are capped at -5% of the Standard Handicap for update purposes.
During the season if any yacht racing is racing consistently and is regularly found to be sailing quicker than 5% faster or 7.5% slower then I will look into additional deduction or addition to that yachts number to bring the corrected time into the range where it will be adjusted by the rolling system.

I would appreciate that any yachts that regularly race at FCC and do not have a current FYCA handicap could please apply for one.

If a current FYCA handicap is not available then I will research and give a temporary number until a current FYCA number is provided.

The aim of all the above is to try to encourage you all to turn up, have fun and hopefully do well in our races this season.

Should anyone require any further clarification on handicaps, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me. george_scrivener@hotmail.com

George Scrivener, Vice Commodore FCC

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