Limekilns Pier Restoration

Most of you will probably be aware of the sorry state of Limekilns Pier with the end slowly being washed away.

Limekilns Heritage Trust (a charity) has been set up to ‘save the pier’. Some members of the Club are Trustees.

The Trustees are now in the process of raising funds for its restoration by building a path on the pier called The Beacon Way. The path will be made of engraved Caithness stone setts of varying sizes. The public can make a donation to secure their personal engraving on a stone. The path is similar to one built at Culloden heritage site. This means that a donation will not ‘buy’ a stone but will entitle you to an engraved inscription to be placed on ‘your’ stone.

As the pier is used by the Club for access to our larger boats the Commodore feels it would be supportive if as many members as possible would be willing to donate and secure an engraved/inscripted stone for themselves. The Club has already ordered the largest stone which will include our Logo. The intention is to surround the Club Stone with members’ stones.

The inscription lettering is restricted by the size of the stone. Inscriptions can be personal and do not need to be ‘boat’ related. There is a closing date for the first section of the path of 27th of July so please don’t delay. Examples of the sizes and inscriptions etc can be seen at Limekilns Pier in a sample frame.

Please see the website at under the ‘How to Help’ section for more info and how to donate/order. The maximum number of characters permitted is based on the size of the stone and includes spaces and punctuation.