Crew Wanted /Available

If you are looking for crew or if you would like to crew for someone else, please comment (below) your request, with your experience and whether you would prefer racing, cruising or are just looking to gain further experience, and I will post your request.  These will be removed at the end of each sailing season.


5 thoughts on “Crew Wanted /Available

  1. Crew Available.

    28 male, staying in Limekilns. Some experience racing, lots of experience in bilges fixing old engines. Am available at short notice, come complete with sailing overalls and a steady 20 knot crosswind. Keen to get out on the water and help out as I can.

    • Hi Phil – hope you have luck from some of our members – unfortunately it’s not been the best of sailing seasons yet.

    • Hello Phillip, Derek here, boat is a westerly centaur currently at port edgar, I am a member at lime kilns and also have a mooring there, I am out often and if you would like to come aboard then drop me a line at hope to speak soon regards Derek.

  2. evening Phil, just seen you are available for crew / Sailing, I have a Westerly Centaur, Chiron and am always looking for company on the water for safety reasons, try to get out most weekends tide and weather permitting.

    • Hi Derek, great stuff! Like I said, I’m in Limekilns so am available at short notice. I’ve not settled on any plans for the weekend yet so just let me know if you’re heading out, Very best,


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