Racing Calendar 2021

Please see the attached racing calendar for this season.

Our tech whizz member Rob Coup has also kindly put together an electronic version that you can use sync with yours, it can be found here.

The first race is our traditional opener the Rae trophy to be held this coming Sunday afternoon.

I have booked “Champagne sailing conditions” and look forward to seeing a good few yachts out after such a long period off the water.

If you are new to the club or just new to giving racing a try, please do get in touch with any questions you may have.

The calendar has a few different types/styles of races on offer, most are based around our own race marks details of which are shown on the attached race course sheet.  Laminated course sheets will be available to collect at the race notice board in the hall way of the clubhouse from Saturday midday.

The Driftwood Trophy and Capernaum Cup are distance races up river using the shipping channel marks. How far we go depends on the day’s conditions but in previous years we have made it as far as Grangemouth and back.  

The Mason Trophy is a full day event raced over two legs. We race down river on the morning ebb tide then pause for lunch over low tide either at anchor or in one of the deep-water harbours. The second leg then returns us back to Limekilns on the afternoon flood tide. The Mason is a very popular event combining close racing with a good crack over lunch.

The Jeff Jones Stern chase series is something a little different, they are raced either over 1 or 2 hours dependent on the tidal window. Each boat is given a starting time based on its handicap. 

The highest handicap starts first and the rest of the boats then follow with the fastest/lowest handicap last. The Stern chases or pursuit races as they are sometimes called can be very exciting, especially if you are being hunted down by a faster yacht and the time limit is quickly approaching. 

We also have the Ladies Race, as the name suggests the race only allows a Female helm but with as many mixed crew as she requires or wishes.

The Henderson cup is for Hunter yachts, the most prolific yachts in our club. The event was envisaged to allow those who have racing experience to crew/pass on knowledge and tips. It also provides a chance for some great racing with yachts that are of similar design and are closely matched.

The Duff Cup double header will be two shorter races around tight short courses which give plenty of opportunity for tacking duels and tight mark roundings.

To round off the season we run the Blackness Dash, this is a fun event run over two legs, the first over to Blackness pier followed by an hour or so with our friends at Blackness boat club. We then race back across the river to Limekilns.

We also hold social events after a good few of the races so please do come along and of course members who don’t race are also most welcome.

To run all of these races we do need a fair few race officers, running a race is pretty straightforward and full instruction will be given beforehand, so even if you have no previous experience but fancy helping out, please do let me know.

I will be putting the race marks out this Saturday so if you would like to lend a hand please get in touch.

Fair winds

George Scrivener

Vice Commodore

07836 211711